Retrica v2.9 [Filters Unlocked] Free Download


The universe is not made of atoms. It is made of memories.

Retrica is a simple photo taking and sharing app with a near infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, social and secret sharing options. You can shoot the same moment a million ways and share it with the world, that special someone or anyone you want.

Everyday, millions of people everywhere capture and share millions of memories on Retrica with:

Social — Retrica works perfectly with Instagram, Facebook, and other services.
Live Filters — preview your memory before you capture it.
Live Layouts — that let you remember your moment the way you want.
Creative Edits — use blur and vignette to focus and remember what’s important.

—Popular Features—

Over 100 real-time filters. Preview your photos before you snap.
Over 100 million photos taken daily all around the world.
Free — it costs nothing to start shooting with live filters.
Collage — your own a mobile photo booth. Choose your layout. Grab a friend or two.
Timer — go handsfree and selfie stick free. Just set and pose.
Social — instantly upload your favorite social media platforms.
Exposure — set how much light to let in, just like a DSLR.
Secure Photo Messenger — send your private photos directly to a friend.
Random Filter — spontaneously apply a random filter to your photo.


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